Off-the-shelf products

Several products are available off-the-shelf or customizable for specific needs. These range from:
D2 – Automatic Siligacel Pouch Dispenser
A high end machine for the pharmaceutical and other industries
Formula management and dispenser control software
Administrative software for Dutch WOZ/JW ‘Zorgaanbieders’, connecting to the VECOZO platform
DataSwitch SaaS
An on-line service to connect your software to other software like WeFact, SAP, etc. with customizable filters, calculations and conversions
Competitie App
The (soon to be 😉 ) #1 App to manage club tennis competitions for Android, IOS and Windows. Search for ‘CompetitieApp’ in the App- and PlayStore and look for the round blue logo. In Dutch only for now.
Machine control units
Several control optimized for different applications as an alternative to a PLC and/or HMI, allowing fully intergrated power electronics.

New machine control units are typically based on units we’re already producing, but for optimal integration always require at least some customization. Therefore further details about this can be read in the Services | Product Development menu.

For all other products check out the Products submenu pages for more details or contact us to find out more.