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eMeeuw Engineering was founded by RenĂ© Meeuwisse. I started with a masters degree in mechanical engineering at the TU-Delft with in parallell a strong focus on software development and automation. After that I worked in several technology driven companies for over 20 years. As R&D Manager or Technical director, but always doubling as chief designer, I have in person and in small teams developed many machines including their control software and electronics. Since starting eMeeuw Engineering I have continued these developments and have designed and produced Software, electronics, controll units, IoT devices and complete machines for customers worldwide. 

Having an extensive partner network for part sourcing, production, service and installation, helps me to scale to any challenge. This has resulted in having customers in over a dozen countries, ranging from Europe and the US, to India and South-Korea. See below for more details.

What makes eMeeuw Engineering stand out from other engineering companies, is the concentration of expertise needed for any technical project. This means no more talking to a convincing sales person and afterwards dealing with trainees or continuously changing project members. Additionally the ability to oversee all design aspects, including software, electronics, production, costprice reduction, certification and patenting, allows for easy communication, efficiency and flexibility.

Looking forward to show what eMeeuw Engineering can do for you,

René Meeuwisse

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