D2 - Automatic Silicagel Pouch Dispenser

The D2 supports dispensing silicagel and other pouches into jars or other containers. The D2 is placed next to and above a conveyor where it detects the passing jars and dispenses one or more pouches per jar with a speed of up to 3600 pouches per hour. Upto 7000 pouches can be stored in the D2, where they are kept in a heated, dehumidified environment to avoid degradation of the silicagel. The D2 is designed for and used in the pharmaceutical industry, fully supporting FDA guidelines.

Although many types of silicagel pouches can dispensed by the D2, we highly recommend DDC as a reliable supplier of silicagel for any industry. The Dutch Desiccants Company supported the development of the D2 from the start by providing many types of sample pouches and sharing their expertise from the pouch supplier perspective.

Fast motors and high-end color detection sensors are used to  quickly cut each pouch from the roll, exactly at the seam between pouches. The cutting mechanism is optimised for high speed, low maintenance and durability. 

To precisely dispense into even the smallest jars, the cutting mechanism has a dispensing channel which is automatically adjusted to the jar height. Additional sensors detect the pouch when it enters the jar or when the roll is empty, signalling the operator with a dual color light if any action needs to be taken.

All parts that can present any danger are inside the locked part of the housing and additional safety measures have been taken to protect service and maintenance personnel.

The D2 has a user friendly touchscreen HMI where all types of jars, pouches and machine parameters can be defined during setup. The operator then only has to choose a jar and pouch , after which the D2 automatically moves the dispensing channel to the correct height and optimizes all machine settings for this combination. In case a roll with other pouches must be placed, a clear indication is given, whereby the calculated number of remaining pouches on each used roll is memorized and later reused automatically to give the best indication of the available pouches to the operator. The operator can change the language of the HMI by the click of a button.  

Trained users can access additional screens for detailed inspection of all inputs, performing service actions and configuring machine parameters. Just one of the screens shown as an indication here.

The D2 has been optimised to be very low maintenance and after a short training during setup, most service engineers will be fully capable to keep the machine up and running for years. with ease.  

Why choose the D2

  • No more tedious manual labour, putting thousands of pouches per hour in jars
  • Highest reliability for each jar to receive a pouch 
  • Heated, low-humidity enclosure for optimal conditioning of the silicagel pouches
  • Customizable to your pouches, jars and conveyor belt 
  • Very low maintenance
  • Fully FDA compliant, suitable for any industry
  • Designed and produced in The Netherlands / Europe
  • Attractive pricing to buy or lease…