Machine control electronics

With a background in industries where cost-price is an important design criterium, designing custom electronics for series as low as 50 machines per year is no exception. By reusing known components and solutions, board design is quick and EMC/EMI challenges can better be forseen. By integrating exactly what you need on the PCB, many man-hours can be saved in wiring and mounting external components. Using a fast CAN bus or easy Wi-Fi or Bluetooth conectivity makes using multiple smaller boards in one machine possible. This and using the same board in different (future) machines increases the PCB series, allowing low-cost production.

To make all this completely transparent to you, we can design the PCB and firmware at our own cost, arrange the complete PCB production and supply you with finished and tested units for a fixed price. In this way you can quickly get a new machine to market with greatly reduced development costs. It also allows you to update existing machines that currently need too much assembly- and wiring time. Especially when updating a control unit that currently uses many relais, buttons and signal lights, a significant amount of production time can be saved while improving usability, serviceability and lowering costs per unit. 

User Interfaces

Integrating a touch screen in your control system allows you to eliminate most external buttons and signal lights, reduce lots of wiring, flexibly adapt to new demands and present a much clearer user experience. Adding this to our electronics can be done very cost effective and based on our own libraries we can build a responsive, good looking interface quickly.

Typically we support multiple languages, multiple user levels and flexible parameter editing windows. We also support an easy method to create your own on-screen manuals by placing images on an SD-Card that can be browsed like a menu structure. Or if you need something not mentioned here yet, we can surely accomodate that as well…  

IoT Connection

PC based control systems are easy to connect using solutions like TeamViewer, VNC etc. When no PC is used there is a growing number of methods to reach your product via the web. Establishing a connection via a local Wi-Fi network often is the easiest solution, but using a long range LoRaWan transceiver is now a good alternative to a GSM link. All these methods can be supported as a standard part of the control electronics or as a specific addon module. In this way we can connect to readily available internet servers or to your/our own REST Server. Your machine can then automatically send logging data and you can control and analyse your machine from anywhere in the world.