Technical know-how

With extensive theoretic and practical experience in electronics, software development and mechanical engineering, we can be your partner in getting a new product to market quickly and efficiently. 

In it’s simplest form this can be consultancy, brainstorming or generating outside-the-box solutions for development challenges. In a second phase it can be designing (part of) your product for which you lack the manpower or expertise. Additionally we can help with EMI/EMC/CE certification, ATEX design choices and our patent protection know-how. A special field in which we have world-class know-how, is accurate dispensing.

Design, build and supply series

Most engineering companies just design part of your product and get paid for their time or for reaching an early goal (0-series finished). This does not always motivate the engineering company in fully preparing for future updates to boost sales. It also doesn’t help you anymore after the design is finished and the busy production, market introduction and upscaling phases start.

Because we are confident that with our know-how, experience and supplier network we can provide the entire design and supply chain efficiently, we also offer another approach. For this we discuss the requirements (not only demands, but also the nice-to-haves that can boost sales), the expected volume initially and anticipated growth. Based on that we see if we can find common ground on how much the new module/product may cost. If we can agree on this then eMeeuw Engineering can make the entire design, including electronics, firmware, mechanics, parts selection, etc. and supply the complete modules. This makes the total costs per unit completely transparent to you. Possibly even more important, it makes us both equally interested in boosting sales, so adding nice to have features later which make this possible are often possible without additional design costs for you as long as they are reasonable.

Note that this same approach is possible when you’re interested in updating (part of) an existing product. As mentioned before already, updating a control unit that currently uses many relais, buttons and signal lights, can really benefit from this approach. A design update can significantly reduce production time, improve usability, serviceability and lowering costs per unit with no or very limited investment.