Design for production

We use SolidWorks as the 3D-CAD software of choice for the last 10 years and used SolidEdge and Inventor before that. No matter what software is used, the goal always is to ballance all requirements like functionality, esthetics, cost-price, easy assembly and serviceability.

Being in the business of designing, producing and selling complete machines for many years, has resulted in many good and bad experiences with different production techniques and supply chains. This experience and production network helps to quickly design new products and revisions that meet all requirements.

Sheetmetal and laser-cut profiles

For medium sized series, we have specialized in sheet metal designs, which offers lots of possibilities. A wide selection of materials with or without coating provides structural entegrity, enclosure, functionality and esthetics all in one. Because of CNC production this can be done cost effective and reproduceable. When done right, the accuracy of assemblies is quite high e.g. by designing the bends outside the accuracy determining geometry and using appropriate fixtures. This can be complemented by laser cut beams/profiles, cutting specific beam-end geometry to join bems and/or plates together into a very rigid assembly without any welding.


Next to general mechanical engineering tasks, we have specialised in the design of all types of accurate dispensing equipement. We design gravimetric and volumetric dispensers, pumps and valves for specific liquids, cleaning solutions end complete industrial and retail dispensing equipement. 

By now we have probably dispensed all conceivable media types, like ink, paint, food supplements, glue, cosmetics, hair dye, powders, explosive-, corrosive-, fast drying-, synovial and highly viscous media. In this area we can definitely compete with all major dispensing equipement producers world wide!