DataSwitch makes data transfer between different programs and locations super easy!

Everybody knows the problem: You’re using a program from which you need some of the data in another program, but transferring the data is so hard that printing it out and typing it in at the other end seems to be the only solution. Next to the format conversion, the data often also needs to be filtered, recalculated, modified and automatically sent to e.g. the bookkeeper, government or external organisation.

DataSwitch automates this through a customer specific cloud connection, allowing:

  • Safe encrypted data transfer, not storing any of the transferred data at the server
  • Automatic data format conversion
  • Customer specific filtering, sorting, combining and recalculation of the data 
  • Passing the data on from multiple senders to different receivers depending on the data content.
    This allows you to set up a connection that you can resell to your customers!
  • Connecting to many administrative software programs
  • Connecting to other servers on the internet to send or receive data
  • Sending additional data or notifications via email to the receiver
  • Direct feedback of the transfer to the sender and/or receiver
  • etc.

In many cases a new connection can use our existing infrastructure and conversion routines, so only some customer specific data manipulation may be needed. Most of the time this is free of charge. Implementing a new data format is also no problem. Depending on the complexity and reusability we can agree on a fair contribution to the development costs before implementation.

To configure your connections a dasboard is available where you can add your senders and receivers and configure any options that your connection may need. For the use of all of your connections a monthly fee is charged based on the number of defined sender-receiver combinations, not limited by the amount of frequency of the data transferred.

In case you already have an account, you can log in to your dashboard here: DataSwitch Dashboard